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Why Different Shoes Are Made For Walking and Running

Tuesday, 13 June 2023 00:00

Both running and walking can be beneficial to your health. Running is an aerobic activity that assists with strengthening muscles and bones, in addition to improving heart function. Walking engages the legs and core while helping to alleviate stress, enhancing cardiovascular health and overall fitness. Whether you walk or run, you may want to consider getting athletic shoes that match the activity. Doing so can ensure a more efficient workout and lessen injuries. The shoes for these two activities are different because of the various ways the feet strike the ground and the amount of force sustained by the feet. While running, you may have both feet off the ground at once, while when walking, one foot is always on the ground. Both exercisers land on their heels first, but walkers roll forward onto their toes immediately. Runners distribute more body weight across their feet than walkers. Shoes for running and walking are made to manage these different movements. If you enjoy walking or running and want to make sure your shoes are serving you well, it is suggested that you consult with a podiatrist.

For more information about walking shoes versus running shoes, consult with Dr. Henry Miller from New Jersey. Our doctor can measure your feet to determine what your needs are and help you find an appropriate pair of footwear.

Foot Health: The Differences between Walking & Running Shoes

There are great ways to stay in shape: running and walking are two great exercises to a healthy lifestyle. It is important to know that running shoes and walking shoes are not interchangeable. There is a key difference on how the feet hit the ground when someone is running or walking. This is why one should be aware that a shoe is designed differently for each activity.

You may be asking yourself what the real differences are between walking and running shoes and the answers may shock you.


Walking doesn’t involve as much stress or impact on the feet as running does. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be any less prepared. When you’re walking, you land on your heels and have your foot roll forward. This rolling motion requires additional support to the feet.

Flexibility – Walking shoes are designed to have soft, flexible soles. This allows the walker to push off easily with each step.

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